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[Pan-devel] weirdness in the dylib filename (Re: AW is rejecting some po

From: SciFi
Subject: [Pan-devel] weirdness in the dylib filename (Re: AW is rejecting some postings when the "Newsgroups:" line becomes word-wrapped also. (Re: Bug with long header lines))
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2014 15:03:26 +0000 (UTC)
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Thanks again for delving into this.

Re: the weirdness in the dylib filename --
now you know why one reason I'm jumping
this fruity ship.

The gmime build logic seems to change in
this area from one version to another.
It's part of why I use "old bugs"
nomenclature -- I've seen similar
problems in this and other various
projects over the years.
I kinda know where in the code to
peek-into for a possible 'fix'.
I kinda remember this was fixed already
in some earlier version (2.6.10).
But when the project (re)introduces such
old bugs itself, AFAICS, that's why I
hollar about it, once again, yet I am
tired of doing so.
It's almost as tho some F/OSS projects
want to kill the osx platform -- that's
how I feel about it -- but I must
remember 'who' struck the first blow:
when The Fruits themselves decided to
drop many GNU projects (Samba and others)
explaining that they disagree with the

I'm getting into a deep rehash of my
earlier posts on this subject.
I really need to shaddup in order to
keep my own sanity here.

All I want, right now, is to fix the
"word-wrapping" problem we've been
seeing lately in the header-lines.
It's been described by a few users
already, to the Pan lists, y'know.
And now apparently it's causing AW
to flat-out reject some posts.
But now I've been caught with a bug
in building latest gmime-2.6.19 for
osx, and I'm not sure if I would ever
have the stamina I once had when
filing bugs in various requisite
I would hope 'someone else' will
discover the same bugs, then I
would just need to wait for an
official fix -- a search didn't
pop-up anything usable (fwiw I
 use to keep far away
 from certain other search sites
 [*ahem*] as possible).

Thanks again.



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