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[Pan-devel] AW is rejecting some postings when the "Newsgroups:" line be

From: SciFi
Subject: [Pan-devel] AW is rejecting some postings when the "Newsgroups:" line becomes word-wrapped also. (Re: Bug with long header lines)
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2013 22:20:44 +0000 (UTC)
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I need to bump this problem up to
current master/head at 6daf184 please.

AstraWeb is flat-out rejecting some postings
I make, when the "Newsgroups:" header line
becomes word-wrapped, too.
As recorded by Pan in its Event Log,
AW is sending-back this:

> 441 Header does not conform to RFC1036

I opened a problem ticket with AW's techs
on a similar/related case.
There, we finally understood that AW has
a limit of number-of-groups on this line.
They won't accept more than 3 groups here.

Now, we _are_ limiting a crosspost to
3 groups here.  But Pan can _still_
word-wrap this line, when including
three _long_ group-names that make Pan
kick-in this strange word-wrap bug.
And so AW (still) won't accept the post.

I must use another NNTP client, in my
case I use Unison (from
since I have a paid license for it,
to post my simple message with the
same 3 crossposted "Newsgroups:" line.

I don't think I can 'make' AW fix this.
We need Pan to prevent _any_ word-wrapping
in the headers, period (safest)
[I believe we do have up to 1K characters
 per header-line here, don't we?].
Or, we need Pan to make sure there is
_some_ text on the right-hand-side of
the colon ':', then word-wrap at a later
place on that 'first line', thus creating
'proper' longer header-lines when needed.

(Background:  When a non-AW post comes in,
 let's say with 5 groups on this line,
 AW _does_ allow it to be processed,
 then the message does appear in all 5
 groups.  But us AW members _cannot_
 do a simple reply to all 5 groups, see,
 which makes us look-up each post
 so to reply to each copy manually.
 That was the reason I opened a ticket
 with the AW techs, to get them to
 fix this e.g. let us AW members be
 able to post replies to the same
 number of groups.
 I don't know if they have  it fixed,
 I don't really care now,
 I know how to manually do this now. ;>
 But Pan certainly does need fixing
 in this area, please.)

I will try to help if needed
(I need detailed instruction if so).

Thanks for reading.



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