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Re: [Pan-devel] Recent font problem

From: Heinrich Mueller
Subject: Re: [Pan-devel] Recent font problem
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2011 09:26:18 +0100
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Am 12.12.2011 23:42, schrieb walt:
Hi Heinrich :)

Just in the last two git pulls I've been seeing pan closing with an
assertion in cairo, but today I also got these pango complaints:

Pango-CRITICAL: pango_font_description_set_size: assertion 'size >= 0' failed

Pango-WARNING: failed to create cairo scaled font, expect ugly output, the
offending font is 'Cantarell'

Pango-WARNING: font_face status is: no error has occurred

Pango-WARNING: scaled_font status is: invalid matrix (not invertible)

Pango-WARNING: shaping failure, expect ugly output, shape-engine='BasicEngineFc',
font='Cantarell', text="Connecting'

pan: cairo-surface.c:1287: cairo_surface_set_device_offset: Assertion 'status ==

I also recently 'upgraded' to gnome 3, which uses Cantarell as its default font.

This error doesn't happen all the time. I've seen it mostly while pulling headers from a busy binary group with bazillions of headers, but I doubt the number of headers has anything to do with this problem. Maybe some weird character in one
of the headers?

To add to the confusion, I just now finally updated that group without problem, so I dunno if I can reproduce it again. Yesterday the assertion was 100% in the one problem group, but I don't recall it in any other groups. I'll let you know
if the problem recurs again tomorrow.

Any ideas?

Many thanks!

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Hi walt.
Next time run pan with gdb and do a backtrace. Also do an "export G_DEBUG="fatal-warnings" before running it.


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