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[Pan-devel] Re: Loop test

From: Duncan
Subject: [Pan-devel] Re: Loop test
Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2008 17:22:36 +0000 (UTC)
User-agent: Pan/0.133 (House of Butterflies)

Nathanael Hoyle <address@hidden> posted
address@hidden, excerpted below, on  Tue, 02 Sep 2008
11:48:05 -0400:

> Gisle Vanem wrote:
>> The listmanager claims I'm already subscribed. But I have my doubts...
>> Gisle V.
>> # rm -vf /bin/laden
>> /bin/rm: Operation already in progress (EALREADY)

Interesting sig.  Could you make it a "proper" one, delimited by 
"-- " (the trailing space is important) on its own line?

> You are indeed.  This list seems extremely low traffic of late.

It has been since I subscribed, years ago.  The user list gets more 
traffic by far.

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"Every nonfree program has a lord, a master --
and if you use the program, he is your master."  Richard Stallman

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