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Re: [Pan-devel] Ya know Pan2 is really single threaded, right?

From: Calin A. Culianu
Subject: Re: [Pan-devel] Ya know Pan2 is really single threaded, right?
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2007 03:13:46 -0400 (EDT)

On Fri, 23 Mar 2007, Charles Kerr wrote:

Calin A. Culianu wrote:

 Why does pan2 ever create a threadpool?  It's actually single-threaded!

Hi Calin,

I've talked about your nice patch in bugzilla, so here I'll just answer
in general about the rationale behind Pan's use of threads.

Yes, I am simply replying to this for completeness of the archives.

At one point Pan was fully threaded.  This made things more responsive
than 0.14.x would've been otherwise, but at the cost of some stability
and a _lot_ of code complexity.

After reading the code -- I completely agree. And I remember once upon a time trying to modify pan many moons ago and finding it extremely fragile/complex. Right now pan is REALLY fast (the network speed is great) and yes, it is much much much easier to think about what is happening and to maintain.

To reduce that complexity in the rewrite, Pan's eliminated threads
wherever possible and used them only to prevent freezing during
self-contained work (socket creation/connection).  The only other
candidate for threads I can think of is UUDecode.

Good design choice!

This used to be bugzilla ticket #353317, slated for Pan 1.1, but
since your patch is coming along so well we should use it sooner. =)

Cool!  :)

I strongly agree that UUDecode belongs in a worker thread, but
wouldn't go beyond that -- the next bottleneck is networking,
and threads don't help there.  The single-threaded version of
Pan downloads just as fast as the multithreaded one, and is
significantly smaller.

Yes, very true.

Even our threadpool poster child, UUDecode, has problems:

Heh, "poster child" eh?

UUDecode is single-threaded, so the best we can do is a worker
thread and a FIFO queue.  Anything else will devolve into that
and is overkill.

Yep, precisely how it works in my patch.

Thanks so much for the comments, advice, and thoughtful discussion.



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