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[Pan-devel] Re: problems building pan2 from svn

From: SciFi
Subject: [Pan-devel] Re: problems building pan2 from svn
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2007 04:51:19 +0000 (UTC)
User-agent: Pan/0.125 (Potzrebie)

On Wed, 28 Feb 2007 08:42:40 +0000, Duncan wrote:

> SciFi <address@hidden> posted
> address@hidden, excerpted below,
> on  Tue, 27 Feb 2007 21:41:48 +0000:
>> Until I can get past these problems, I'll necessarily be waiting with
>> bated breath for proper / official source tarballs to come out.  ;)
> FWIW, several years ago back on Mandrake, I had a similar problem with
> then CVS, so it's not just OSX.  Never did fix it, but I'm on Gentoo
> now, and when I tried it here, it worked just as it's supposed to,
> following the instructions.  I even created my own pan-cvs ebuild
> script, then updated it to pan-svn when GNOME and pan switched. =8^)

ah ... well, I've ended up pulling the separate svn revisions
one-by-one and module-by-module, using their svn website (still called
ViewCVS it seems, heh) and its unified diff option, then applying the
patches by hand to a copy of the local pan-0.125 tree here.  ;)
(Some big new/changed files were just downloaded from the svn website,
esp. the po stuff.)
I'll need to study why messes up...
...but the svn code looks & works really well so far.

I'm also testing the patch in bug #403797 to use part of the Subject
field as a download subdir name (sort-of makes some Mac users happy,
working like Unison and other such news-readers).

I just found out about cairo-1.4.0 (have 1.3.14 installed) ... had to
bypass the boilerplate makefiles (discussion on their maillist about it
for OSX) ... otherwise I do think it speeds-up Pan quite a lot.

Note that I built a bunch of (pre)requisite projects all by hand, but
still not the main Gnome system itself -- we start Apple's X11, which
then uses quartz-wm to make X things work a bit more Mac-like (c&p
between environments, Cmd+Tab to switch apps, etc.), then we can start
pan from an xterm -or- from a Terminal window (so long as the DISPLAY
env-var is set).  So Pan visually looks like a GTK2 app here but with a
bit of OSX behind it.  Yeah this means I can't change the date/time
formats in pan (I saw a query on this list about it) and other such
things... but to do this using OSX settings (auto-config Gnome's
settings) would be something to work on over there...

...anyway, thanks for chatting about this...
I'm definitely on the Pan bandwagon now.  :)

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