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[Pan-devel] pan-0.112 how does handle sporges with identical message ID

From: Konrad Karl
Subject: [Pan-devel] pan-0.112 how does handle sporges with identical message ID
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2006 15:36:41 +0200
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today I tried  pan-0.112 the first time  and immediately liked its
new compressed group info storage system. Waaaayyy faster than
anything else I have seen.

But at a first glance I could not see how this new compressed system will
handle some kinds of sporge in binary groups.
These articles typically have the same number of lines, subject:),
date etc and if memory serves me, also the same Message-ID faked.

In the past (using perl scripts for download) I used to filter
on ratio bytecount/linecount which is much lower on sporged articles
or on the senders path and is very likely more than 10 or even 15
on typical articles and it worked fully automatic.

So my question: is the new pan able to address individual
articles within a binary set in order to delete sporged ones because
i cannot see how the article number is being recorded besides the first
article in a binary set, moreover a tcpdump trace showed me, that
the first article was fetched by article number and the others
by Mesage-ID...

Please consider handling of sporge as well - I am perhaps
likely to be not informed well enough here... :-)

Best regards,


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