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[Pan-devel] Introduction to pan source hacking - application

From: GISQUET Christophe
Subject: [Pan-devel] Introduction to pan source hacking - application
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 15:21:14 +0200
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In order to have $subject, I decided to look at the bugzilla and pick up interesting/easy (in my opinion) enhancements, even if very minor.

So I've started looking at [1] and here I am with possibilities and no certain replies. Therefore, I'd like to get some advice. I believe I'm not very clear, so please ask away any clarification over the following questions in light of [1]:

1) Where would I put this kind of configuration?
| x Add as stopped the download tasks whose filename match the following RE:
|         __________________________
|    RE : |________________________|
|    x Only if the list of added tasks contains non-matching filenames
|    x Filter NZB imports
|    x Filter imports from header pane
I though Pan Preferences/Behaviour/Articles would be a good place, but this may break some kind of HIG concept. Opinions on the interface / the place ?

2) Shouldn't it be rather part of a more "download" focused tab? For instance, prioritizing small files or other download behaviour modification.

3) Is a regular expression well suited for that kind of operations? Or should it rather hold an easier to manage list of strings that would part of the subject/filename?

4) I'm matching a part of the subject, supposing that the filename in it ends with ". Is there a safer mean ?

5) Is pan/tasks/ the better place for this kind of filtering? I need to get settings such as whether the filter is active, the RE and such: would it be a good coding/architectural practice to directly retrieve this information, or should I create some kind of intermediate step?


Thanks in advance,
Christophe GISQUET

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