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[Pan-devel] Re: pan cvs crash

From: Robert Marshall
Subject: [Pan-devel] Re: pan cvs crash
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2005 10:38:14 +0000
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On Sun, 18 Dec 2005, John v. wrote:

> I found this bug too, but didn't know it was already reported on the
> list :)
> I've wrote a quick fix, and attached the patch. You probably want to
> alter this, because now you will only get an assertion error in the
> log.
> The thing is, task_save_new_from_article() returns NULL, but it will
> be queued anyway. So I made it skip the request.
> Both Ctrl-S and Shift-S versions are fixed in the patch.

Thanks very much for this - fixes it for me too. I select ranges of
articles for download which may contain plain articles sufficiently
rarely that I can live with the noise (there's plenty of other
messages I see when decoding anyway..) and usually the selection
problem is one I want pan to ignore.

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