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[Pan-devel] Various problems when launching pan CVS (bis repetita)

From: GISQUET Christophe
Subject: [Pan-devel] Various problems when launching pan CVS (bis repetita)
Date: Sat, 09 Jul 2005 01:15:51 +0200
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First problem is related to sockets, as stated in [1]. The compilation part of the problem is solved by:
- getting the IPv6 preview for Window 2000 [2],
- editing a bit ws2tcip.h (the function call convention is declared as stdcall while it seems to be cdecl in the dll), - building an import library for wship6.dll and adding it when linking pan binary.
Or simply use the patch provided which uses basic functions.
Program starts, but it fails to fetch both:
- a list of newsgroups, and
- headers from a newsgroups (when the list has been retrieved by pan 0.4.12 for instance) Now, you could suspect a "bugged preview", but fact is that the patch proposed in [1] replaces the getaddrinfo code with the same output and has the exact same problem. The problem is likely not in the IPv6 side of things. I have logged the initial (and relevant) part of --debug-sockets (when retrieving list of newsgroups) with pan CVS [4] and 0.14.2 [5] for anyone to check.

Another problem is that some code in dialog-newuser.c uses a function that returns a result that isn't checked against NULL. And it does bite. Again the patch in [1] holds an unsatisfactory fix for this. 0.14.2 isn't affected by this problem.

Now, those problems should have their own topic, and I already sent them to this very list. But, fact is that I had not a single comment on both. So I guess I should apologize in advance for taking again anybody's time to review those problems... Notwhistanding a proposed new feature presented in [3] with associated code, that is.

GISQUET Christophe


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