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[Pan-devel] update to the grouplist code

From: K. Haley
Subject: [Pan-devel] update to the grouplist code
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2004 14:52:57 -0600
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I've just completed changing Pans group lisr from the long depracated GtkCList to a GtkTreeView. This is one of the updates needed to really take advantage of the eventual DB backend. There should also be a minor decrease in memory usage although the only people to notice it woulb be those that regularly look at a large group list.

So far I have only noticed one problem. When I switch from my small list of subscribed groups to all 43000 groups myst system slows to a crawl for about 20 sec., after that it returns to normal. I have determined that this occurs during some sort of validation that the treeview is doing. There is a bugzilla report on a similar issue involving rows with a lot of cells. The proposed fix for that bug might help here as well. This is on windowsXP gtk 2.4.3, I don't know if linux users will have this problem or not so I'm going posting the update for testing.

The file contains a new grouplist.c, group-store.[ch], group-store.gob, and a patch for & base/group.[ch]. You will need to run automake & configure to add the new files to the build.

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