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[Pan-devel] NoCeM capabilities

From: zyp
Subject: [Pan-devel] NoCeM capabilities
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2004 18:03:20 +0200

Hi pan-developers,

having a PAN with the capability of processing NoCeM-messages (www. would make the best newsreader as nearly best as possible for
me. So i would like to ask if there are some plans for implementing this
in pan, and if, when it would be ready for use. It schould not be much
effort to implement it (only a submenu for specifieng newsgroups for
loading CeM-messages, specifieng keys which messages should be processed
+ bindings to the hooks in pan, where messages are marked as read or to
the scoring). Unfortunaly i am no developer, i would do it myself if i

Thanks for reading/time/answering in advance ;)
Excuse my bad english, i am from austria.

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