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[Pan-devel] valgrind output on hang (0.14.0 Deb unstable)

From: Eric Ortega
Subject: [Pan-devel] valgrind output on hang (0.14.0 Deb unstable)
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 11:44:13 -0700
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I was bopping around in a group, doing searches on authors and headers
and the program seemed to hang up.  I gave it an hour or so and it
didn't progress.  I saw a couple of things which could be 'errors' 
in the valgrind output so I just killed pan off, gzipped the logfile,
and am sending it now.

Good luck, HTH.

  This is with PAN 0.14.0 on Debian unstable.

  I generated the file with:

    valgrind --num-callers=32 --logfile-fd=9 --leak-check=yes 
--leak-resolution=high pan 9> pan_logfile.txt

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