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[Pan-devel] strange post

From: William MacCracken
Subject: [Pan-devel] strange post
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2002 01:27:09 -0500
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In alt.binaries.multimedia.buffy-v-slayer.repost a message, REQ: Please Post Buffy 4x16 Who Are You - Thank You Much!, 10 lines by "someone" on 07.26 19:59 locks up Pan. Seemed strange to me. I've been using Pan for months, I've not seen anything like it before. I can read any other message in the group. It seemed so odd to me that i kept checking back on that one message (at least a dozen times) and every time it froze pan! Version 0.12.1 on Gentoo Linux. Everyone else (on either MS or Mac, presumably) can read the message normaly. I'm not sending this 'cause i want to read that one message so badly, just to point out what seems from my end to be some wierdness

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