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[Pan-devel] Compiling with Red Hat 7.3...

From: bas.mevissen
Subject: [Pan-devel] Compiling with Red Hat 7.3...
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 09:34:18 +0200


I upgraded my notebook to Red Hat 7.3 yesterday. Now it was easy to install the 
latest gtk2 stuff and all of it's dependancies from Rawhide sources.
Upgrading all kinds of stuff when smoothly, but only somewhat time consuming. I 
updated (for those interested, maybe a good idea to add to the web site):

glib2, gtk2, pango, atk, libxml, freetype, Xft, fontconfig, pkgconfig, gtk-doc 
(just for fun) and intltool.

But I still couldn't compile :-)

The reason is that Red Hat still distributes newer versions of automake and 
friends as automake253 package. All binaries of that package are named 
<name>-2.53. That very cool to have 2 versions of a package on your system. But 
it doesn't work with the ./ script. What is whisdom here? 

One solution is to call auto*-2.53 by hand. Another one is to have an 
/ script for Red Hat like systems and others who use this file naming 
scheme. Maybe there is a smarter solution.

So what is whisdom here?

BTW. My version of Pan, compiled on RH72 worked with RH73 out of the box. But 
now it looks cool with anti-aliased fonts (I'm not sure if they are as it was 
late tonight, but it looked like :-) ).

Best Regards,



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