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[Pan-devel] Bug?: problem with follow-up and non-iso-something chars

From: bas.mevissen
Subject: [Pan-devel] Bug?: problem with follow-up and non-iso-something chars
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 09:35:01 +0200

When I give followup to a posting that contains non-iso-8856-1 (or whatever) 
chars, then I cannot send it. I'm not sure if this only happens with "send 
later" and then "send pending posts" or that it always happens.

When I try to send pending messages, Pan responds with something like "... 
posting contains non iso-8856-1 chars, use "(null")" instead, but refuses to 
send it. If I look into the sendater folder and click on THAT message, Pan 

I use a quite recent version of Pan 0.12 fix from CVS (2 days old), so it is 
from after the fixes that were done on this. So I hoped that it would be 
solved, which seems not the case.

Well, I hope that this is sufficient for a bugreport. I hate filing them :-)



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