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[Pan-devel] Toolbar Second Draft, Feedback Wanted

From: Charles Kerr
Subject: [Pan-devel] Toolbar Second Draft, Feedback Wanted
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 14:12:05 -0700
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Okay, here's a second draft of the toolbar:


Problems I'd like second opinions on:

  * The "get new headers in selected groups" and "get bodies for
    selected articles" icons are unclear.  What would be better?

  * If "forward via email" and "reply via email" are added, how
    can we distinguish between Usenet and email?  (icons or screenshots
    from other programs are welcomed, since I'm not much of an artist. :)

Rationale for Changes in second draft:

  * Balsa/Evolution's grey-green "receive" down arrow has been added for
    Gnome consistency; most people didn't recognize Agent's lightning bolt.

  * Pan's yellow and white envelopes have been changed to look like
    Evolution's, again for consistency.

  * Evolution was also the source for the new online/offline icons,
    which now shows whether or not you're connected.

  * "Cancel last task" uses GTK's stock cancel icon; the stopsign was
    nonstandard and hard to read.

  * The filters are mostly unchanged, since KDE users recognize the funnel
    and I don't have a better metaphor that fits in 16x16. :)

  * Some felt that a book is a poor metaphor for newsgroups.  KNode uses
    a newspaper, which is probably a better fit, so I'm trying that too.

  * The magnifying glass is too closely identified with "search", so
    "read" is now a lighter green arrow pointing right.

  * The green puzzle piece for "complete attachments" has been replaced with
    the standard attachment icon, a paperclip.  New users should understand
    the new icon easier ... which is a shame, 'cause that puzzle piece has
    grown on me. :)


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