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Re: [Pan-devel] small i18n patch for review

From: Christophe Lambin
Subject: Re: [Pan-devel] small i18n patch for review
Date: 17 Jun 2002 20:47:44 +0200

On Mon, 2002-06-17 at 07:15, Charles Kerr wrote:
> This doesn't break the string freeze, but I'd like someone to look over the
> logic.   Okay to commit?

I'm wondering about the side effects of this: basically this patch
converts to utf8 both bodies in the PAN_BODY header (follow-ups,etc.)
and when retrieving from acache, right ?  Is this not a problem when
decoding ?

Other thing: with this change, the g_convert() in
message-send.c::build_nntp_message () becomes unnecessary and
could(should?) be removed.  


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