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[Pan-devel] More thinking out loud

From: Charles Kerr
Subject: [Pan-devel] More thinking out loud
Date: Sun, 9 Jun 2002 22:09:01 -0700
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GMimeMessageification of posting/editing messages is almost done:
message-check, message-send, and message-window all take
GMimeMessages now, rather than Article objects.

Having two types of article classes works out better than I'd thought
it would -- Article still works better for the header pane, as it's
not a GObject and I can create all of them with one malloc, and
share strings across them.  But when getting into anything deeper,
GMimeMessage works better -- we don't have to have a hack for storing
the body or charset, nor do we have to group_ref/unref_articles()
in the composer.

What's left to be done is to get GMimeMessage to play nice with
folders.  These don't necessarily need to be tied together,
but I'm considering it anyway because IMO folders are not very
efficient right now.

I'm thinking that we could have a directory like ~/News/Pan/Folders/,
which would have subdirectories "pan.sendlater", "pan.sent", etc.
which would be full of .msg files similar to acache.  Then when
moving an article from pan.sendlater to pan.sent, instead of loading
both mboxes and resaving (which is what we do now) we'd just have
to move a single file.

If someone has a comment or better idea, speak up ... 


PS: Looking past 0.13, we may want to revive the idea of using an
embedded database for Pan. is free,
embeddable, and cross-platform with MingW binaries... 

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