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Re: [Oroborus-user] Defold theme for Oroborus 2.x

From: Ferran Jorba
Subject: Re: [Oroborus-user] Defold theme for Oroborus 2.x
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2004 08:40:42 +0200
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Well I think I'll ignore that you've written Stephan instead of Stefan,

Oh, oh.  Sorry for that.

and I'll release a new Oroborus package soon. I think only Sarge base will be freezed on 31.07.2004, but we can expect that the full Sarge

That's also what I understand:
Oroborus is not (yet) a Debian base package ;-)

will be freezed some time in the near futute.

Hope there is enough time.

And thanks for the improvements between Oroborus 1.14 and the current
2.0.  Maximising, in either vertical, horizontal and full screen was
something I missed in 1.14.  I learned other improvements as I was
updating the xpm files for defold.  As a matter of fact, I backported
2.0.13 to Woody to my lowly home machine, and since defold theme is
working again, I haven't changed my window manager for some weeks.
It works, it works very well, it is small, and easy to customise.



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