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Re: [Oroborus-user] Deskmenu application

From: Chris Wareham
Subject: Re: [Oroborus-user] Deskmenu application
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2003 16:32:00 +0000
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Stefan Pfetzing wrote:

* Chris Wareham <address@hidden> [030305 14:25]:

I've just installed the deskmenu application as a replacement for xsm.
It's a neat little bit of code, but I had to change the call to xmalloc
(and the dependency on xmalloc.o) to get it to compile on NetBSD.
There's a #include "error.h" line in xmalloc.c, but no such header in
the source tarball. There does appear to be some Linux specific system
header with that name - I guess it's equivalent on NetBSD is err.h.

Hm, I'll include a configure check for that soon, later today perhaps.

On RedHat Linux 8.0 at least, glibc provides functions compatible with
BSD err() and errx(). The stuff in /usr/include/error.h doesn't have a
manual entry, but appears to do the same thing. So perhaps a "one size
fits all" solution is to user err() instead of error().

The xmalloc stuff does seem to be overkill, and could probably be
replaced with glib stuff. If there's no objection, then I don't mind
glib'ifying deskmenu and making sure it compiles on NetBSD and Linux.

Well I'll remove xmalloc.c soon, but for Oroborus itself its somehow

It just seemed to be overkill for deskmenu, but that's only my humble
opinion! I haven't looked at the code for Oroborus, but I will do, as
it dumps core on one of my machines (a Sparc 5). I'm guessing there's
an endianness issue, but I've got to make a debuggable build first.

Anyway, the main reason for my message is to see whether anyone is
writing an add-on to configure the menus. If not then I'll knock
together something over the next couple of days and hook it into the
current version of deskmenu.

Well currently there is no "frontend" for generating menus, except for
"update-menu" which is debian specific.

I'll put together a first stab at an editing screen then. I'll either
make it standalone and send a signal to deskmenu to reload the menus,
or make it a part of deskmenu itself.

By the way, I've autoconf'ed my theme changing tool, although this is
the first time I've used autoconf, automake, etc. I've just got to
finish reading up on how to generate a config.h with a #define for the
kvm stuff ...

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address@hidden (home)

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