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[Oroborus-user] black windows

From: Johannes Berg
Subject: [Oroborus-user] black windows
Date: 11 Oct 2002 13:19:33 +0200


does anyone have an idea why the situation shown in the screenshot (*)
I minimize an application and it hides some other windows, but those are
still there, just black. I've never seen this with another window
manager, so I suspect its a bug, but where?
I've seen similar things with XMMS and its playlist, now with Kylix and
its Object Inspector, and a few more programs I can't remember. In
Kylix, its reproducible, in XMMS I can't reproduce it right now.

(*) http://johannes.sipsolutions.de/screenshots/brokenwindowshot.png

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  Key-ID: 9AB78CA5 Johannes Berg <address@hidden>
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