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Re: [Openvortex-dev] aplay - How to use device 3 of card 0 ?

From: Raymond
Subject: Re: [Openvortex-dev] aplay - How to use device 3 of card 0 ?
Date: Mon, 07 Mar 2005 15:54:53 +0800
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2) How did you perform your "WT DMA" test ?

aplay -d hw:0,1 test.wav

The result for me was that aplay did newer finish, because data was
never being transfered. After some time it timed out with an error.

#define VORTEX_PCM_TYPE(x) (x->name[40])

        strcpy(pcm->name, vortex_pcm_name[idx]);
        chip->pcm[idx] = pcm;
        // This is an evil hack, but it saves a lot of duplicated code.
        VORTEX_PCM_TYPE(pcm) = idx;
        pcm->private_data = chip;

Added debug statement in snd_vortex_pcm_open()

        /* Avoid PAGE_SIZE boundary to fall inside of a period. */
        if ((err =
             snd_pcm_hw_constraint_pow2(runtime, 0,
                return err;
+       printk(KERN_INFO "vortex_pcm_open()

        if (VORTEX_PCM_TYPE(substream->pcm) != VORTEX_PCM_WT) {

Don't know why VORTEX_PCM_TYPE(substream->pcm) is always zero when using
"aplay -d hw:0,1 test.wav" or "aplay -d hw:0,3 test.wav"

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