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[Openvortex-dev] CVS update

From: Manuel Jander
Subject: [Openvortex-dev] CVS update
Date: Fri, 23 May 2003 23:23:11 -0400
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Hi everyone,

I updated the CVS. Mostly bug fixes and cleanups.

Regarding the SRC issue: I not getting the CHip'n Dale bug anymore, but i
didn't actually solve the bug. I changed the adb allocator a bit, so ADB channel 0 isnt being used. Any other channel semes to work well except adb channel 0 !?

I tested the following (all at the same time):
2 XMMS sessions on my AU8830
2 XMMS session on my AU8820
1 "arecord" recording at stereo 44100Hz 16 bits
...and it worked OK.

Anyone with a AU8810: could you please test if the update works OK ?

Best Regards.

Manuel Jander.

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