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Re: [Openvortex-dev] Distorted sound with alsa drivers

From: Manuel Jander
Subject: Re: [Openvortex-dev] Distorted sound with alsa drivers
Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 23:46:47 -0400
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Hi Openvortex,

Jeff Muizelaar wrote:

On 13 May 2003, Marc Heerdink wrote:
Anyway, I installed the latest cvs drivers and loaded the modules. Then
I tried to play some sound. No matter what kind of sound file (mp3, wav)
or sound system (oss (emulated), alsa) I try, I always get distorted
sound. The sound is a lot softer than with the binary drivers and many
high and low frequencies are missing. It's kind of hard to describe, if
you want me to record it I'll give it a try..

On my Vortex 2 (00:0b.0 Multimedia audio controller: Aureal Semiconductor Vortex 2 (rev fe)) the output volume is much softer than from my Turtle Beach Montego (Vortex 1). Now there is no problem in increasing the gain of some mixer gains (not the AC97, i mean the internal digital matrix mixer) to get louder sound. We could create some sort of a table for each kind of card. (What do you think?).

But it doesnt sound distorted. Its rather the other way: I'm amazed how many subtile details i was not aware before of my MP3 collection :) (i mean things i didnt hear before, because the require real HIFI to be noticed).

Maybe the problem is some kind of interference between audio channels; some unwanted sum of signals somewhere in the mixer matrix ? I have experimented that kind of things before on other circumstances, and mixing the same audio
with some phase offset can cause very odd filtering effects.

Does that card have any kind of "peripherals" ? I mean, external coprocessor or some sort of things ?

Best Regards.

Manuel Jander

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