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Re: [Openvortex-dev] Alsa driver...

From: Shamus
Subject: Re: [Openvortex-dev] Alsa driver...
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2003 16:27:28 -0700

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>I have a Athlon 1.4GHz too, but with 256MB and a Digital Research
Vortex 2,
>a Diamond MX300 and a Turtle Beach Montego. Very similar to yours.
>Mainboard uses a SiS chipset (SiS 735), which semes to be more stable
>than VIA and friends with the binary driver.

I'm pretty sure that I have a VIA chipset/BIOS.

>> Well, I did this, and it seemed to work OK. I tried enabling it
>> and having the interrupt do a printk() (in order to see if the
>> being cast was good) before returning immediately, but it seemed to
>> lock me out of the keyboard (it could have crashed the kernel hard,
>> but I would never know) this time.
>You have to reset the interrupt flags, if you don't, you get a
>(the interrupt must be cleared, if not it is executed over and over
>To clear the interrupts (there is comment which indicates that
>is done by writing 0xffffffff to ... don't remember what register,

I did this, and it still hard locked... I did it both with and without
diagnostic printk statements, but the result was the same. The
interrupt seems to work, but simply takes all the CPU's time--when I
used the printk statements, it kept printing the diagnostic message
over and over, but wouldn't let me access the keyboard, other VTs,

Another bizarre thing is that once the driver hard locks and I reboot,
the install of the patched driver seemingly refuses to allow me to
comment out the IRQ handler! Even if I do a make uninstall clean &&
make install! Checking the file I modified (au88x0_core.c), I can see
that the changes I made are still there (i.e., commenting out the
IRQ), but recompiling and reinstalling doesn't seem to make a
difference. The only way that I can recover from this is to reinstall
from the ALSA tarball and re-patch... This problem is making it very
difficult for me do any work on the driver. I don't know if it makes
any difference, but my main partition is reiserfs. But the problem
*still* persists even if I cleanly shutdown after
recompiling/installing before I do the "modprobe snd-au8830".

In short: I'm stumped.

- -- Shamus

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