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[Openvortex-dev] au8830 test results

From: Will DeRousse
Subject: [Openvortex-dev] au8830 test results
Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2003 21:22:08 -0500

Just an initial run down of the au8830 driver as of today:

I heard sound in KDE reliably for the first time in years. THANKS!

cdp,cdplay,play,ogg123,mpg123,arts,ecasound,audacity,sweep,xmms and xine all 
worked great for the most part.

jackd runs, which means the driver/card meets a minimal quality (jack doesn't 
run on crap sound cards or drivers).

There were some exceptions:
1.) If the system was under fairly heavy load, you could cause a _slight_ 
popping to occur (for me it switching from console back to X). It was nothing 
compared to the old binary driver.
2.) I have to manually modprobe snd-pcm-oss. I have ALSA setup the same way on 
my laptop which does not have the problem.
3.) Running mpg123 over and over and over will cause the chipmunks to reappear.
4.) sweep can be noisy.
5.) jackd displays "xrun of at least .2xx ms" where xx is a two digit number. I 
don't know if thats normal or not. I haven't used jack much.
6.) The effects for sox were horrible, I dunno if that's the driver or sox. 
LADSPA and ecasound filters worked.


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