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[Openvortex-dev] I/O space & other stuff

From: Shamus
Subject: [Openvortex-dev] I/O space & other stuff
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2003 22:05:22 -0700

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Hi all,

I was wondering why in the vortex2.h file that the hwread/hwwrite
macros divide the target address by 4. In snooping around HwIO.cpp I
noticed that the binary driver does *not* do 
this--it seems to write directly to the address (plus the ioremap'ed
address, 'natch). What's the reason for the divide-by-4?

Also in my snooping through the compiled C++ code I've been able to
make some headway into figuring out a lot of the objects' member
variables. I believe I can make a bit more headway into fleshing out
the member functions as well (I've been looking at the entire hardware
initialization sequence that's kicked off by CAsp4Core's Initialize()
function and made some good progress)--any requests?

I was also thinking about adding devfs support as well, but it seems
that the kernel sound drivers already do this when you use
register_sound_dsp and register_sound_mixer... Perhaps it would be
possible to add in a few more device nodes (using devfs) so that it
wouldn't be necessary to muck around with aliasing devices using
modules.conf. Of course, there would probably have to be some #ifdefs
to support kernels without devfs--but to me having a sound module that
can take care of itself is very desirable because it's (for lack of a
better term) user friendly and the Right Thing To Do(tm). Thoughts?

- -- Shamus

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