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[Openvortex-dev] The OpenVortex Project - Summary

From: Mathieu Roy
Subject: [Openvortex-dev] The OpenVortex Project - Summary
Date: 21 Feb 2003 02:30:31 +0100
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On your project main page, we can read 
        "Our mission: To create robust and completely open-source
        Linux OSS & ALSA drivers for soundcards using the Aureal
        Vortex line of audio processors. We're also maintaining the
        existing driver until ours is ready for public consumption "

"Linux" is just a kernel of a more complex system
that we like to refer to as GNU/Linux, to emphasize
the ideals of the Free Software movement.

Would you mind changing occurences of Linux as OS
to GNU/Linux?

You can get more information at

Note that Savannah supports projects of the Free Software
movement, not projects of the Open Source movement.
We are careful about ethical issues and insist on
producing software that is not dependent on proprietary

While Open Source as defined by it's founders means 
Free Software, it's frequently misunderstood.
For more information, read

So, we would be glad if you replace open-source by free software (for
instance, you can say "free software (sometimes referred to as open
source software"). 


Mathieu Roy
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