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[Openexr-user] Introducing address@hidden

From: Cary Phillips
Subject: [Openexr-user] Introducing address@hidden
Date: Thu, 9 May 2019 16:53:12 -0700

OpenEXR Community,

You may have heard that OpenEXR has been adopted by the Academy Software Foundation. The Technical Steering Committee is beginning to meet, with the immediate goal of modernizing the project - improving the build infrastructure and platform support, updating to modern compilers, refreshing the website, etc.

As a part of the transition, we are migrating the mailing lists from to There are three OpenEXR-related lists - address@hidden, address@hidden, and address@hidden. You're receiving this message because you're subscribed to one of them.

We're collapsing these three lists into a single new list, address@hidden.  If you'd like to continue to follow the project, please sign up for this new list at

In early June, we'll import the archive of historical posts from all three list to the single new list and then decommission the old lists. 

Stay tuned on address@hidden for more updates.

- Cary

Cary Phillips | R&D Supervisor | ILM | San Francisco

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