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[Octave-patch-tracker] [patch #9930] [octave forge] (statistics) boxplot

From: Andreas Bertsatos
Subject: [Octave-patch-tracker] [patch #9930] [octave forge] (statistics) boxplot function with extended features
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 2020 14:11:44 -0400 (EDT)
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Follow-up Comment #11, patch #9930 (project octave):

Hi Philip
A few more modifications have been made:

* fixed a couple of style issues I spotted
* added extensive validation in the input argument selection
* grouping now supports cell string input as well as numeric vector
* if "Labels" are not given by the user, then the unique strings from grouping
vector are used instead
* fixed a bug in validating "Orientation", the code was comparing with
'notched' instead
* fixed the whisker widths dependent on the box widths to be consistent with
original boxplot function (typical length is +- 0.05) so we don't break
compatibility with existing code.
(I wouldn't be able to reproduce previous plots for my publications and I
suspect this would affect other users as well, so I think it's better if the
default value is the same as the current function in statistics package)
* further modified the whisker widths so they are also proportional to box
width. if user opts for fixed BoxWidth then they whisker caps are only
proportional to Widths (default is 0.4)

Added to this comment is

    new boxplot.m (boxplot_v4.m, rename to boxplot.m before use)
    a patch relative to your last version (v3->v4)
    a patch relative to original boxplot.m (orig->v3)

I also took the liberty to add your name to the author list (check the email)
since you also contributed a lot to this new version.

I didn't have the time to extensively test the new function due to huge
workload so please do test before pushing it to the repo. If you don't have
the time either, then I should be able to do this next weekend.

I went through all MATLAB's alternative options and IMO there is nothing to
add that will be of any benefit. For example, their optional grouping is king
of useless, since the same can be achieved by parsing a positional vector like
[1,2,4,5] etc. The only other MATLAB capability is the 'compact' type that
could be of interest for some people, but it requires significant amount of
work for something I never use and I also consider a useless plot for
illustrative purposes. Nevertheless, if GNU Octave users request it, then I
would be happy to work on that.

Perhaps, you've established by now that I am not a big fun of full MATLAB
compatibility, since I couldn't care less about MATLAB. My main interest is
that we get useful and bug free functions for the GNU Octave community. They
can go along and copy whatever they like and sell it as toolboxes or under
they shameless license in MATLAB central. :)

Please, let me know if there is any more changes/corrections/modifications
that I should attend on this latest version of boxplot. Thanks a lot.


(file #49253, file #49254, file #49255)

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