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Re: Fwd: Commercial license

From: Benson Muite
Subject: Re: Fwd: Commercial license
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2020 10:41:40 +0300
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Hi Ramazan,

Thanks for your message and for using Octave. Your question is more suited to the Octave help list which you should subscribe to:


Nevertheless, to answer your question yes you can use Octave software. You do not need to purchase a license to use Octave software, but you may wish to have your legal deparment examine the GPL license which Octave is distributed under:


You can get commercial support for using Octave software:


Should you find the software useful, donations (either cash or paying for developers, possibly in your company or elsewhere to extend functionality) would be appreciated:


On 1/16/20 7:39 AM, Ramazan GUNEY wrote:

Hello ,

I am working at a commercial company . Can i use your Octave software ? Do i need any license for using Octave software ?

Best Regards


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