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Re: [forge] secsXd repository and meta-repository (Marco Atzeri)

From: Marco Atzeri
Subject: Re: [forge] secsXd repository and meta-repository (Marco Atzeri)
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2020 21:51:55 +0100
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Am 12.01.2020 um 20:03 schrieb John Donoghue:

Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2020 07:26:21 +0100
From: Marco Atzeri To: Octave Maintainers List Subject: [forge] secsXd repository and meta-repository

The packages are unmaintained and in 2016? were were merged into one repo in mercurial [1]

There is at least one bug fix patch out there for secs2d to make it installable in octave 4.0 [2]

[1] https://sourceforge.net/p/octave/secs/ci/default/tree/

thanks. It will be nice if the 3 hyperlinks align to it.

[2] https://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?44803

I suspect my old source packages were already including it
as I had no problem in building the package.

I have instead problem on Octave 5.1 with secs1d
as "doc_cache_create" does not like the demos.
warning: doc_cache_create: unusable help text found in file 'secs1d_logplot'
parse error near line 116 of file /cygdrive/d/cyg_pub/devel/octave-forge/arch/secs1d/octave-secs1d-0.1.1-0.1.noarch/inst/usr/share/octave/packages/secs1d-0.1.0/demos/thyristor_tran_noscale.m

  duplicate subfunction or nested function name

>>> function fn = vbcs_1 (t);

the brutal workaround I am using building the cygwin packages
is to remove the "inst/demos" directory, installing and than
re-adding it.


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