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Re: Further suggestions for Copyright Notices

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Re: Further suggestions for Copyright Notices
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2020 17:43:02 -0500
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On 1/8/20 11:42 AM, Rik wrote:
On 01/07/2020 09:58 PM, John W. Eaton wrote:

I'm OK with using the same copyright notice for the manual especially
since much (most?) of it is made up of doc strings extracted from the
sources.  I was thinking more about whether we should continue to list
the authorship the same way as we have now?

Mostly because this is yet one more decision to make which requires careful
thought, I would just punt and leave it as is for now.

Yeah, that was my thought as well.

I'm not a big fan of these kinds of markers, but it seems OK for the
copyright.  How about 72 characters?  I don't know why, but like seeing a
margin on the right side.  Though line widths are kind of arbitrary now
that we are not limited by 80x24 CRT displays.  Also, maybe use C++ style
'//' comments for these copyright notices as well?

I don't think the length is particularly important as long as the eye
notices the break.  So sure, 72 characters.

I think it would be fine to match the comment character to the language and
so have a line of 72 '/' characters as the break in C++ files as well as
starting out each line with "//" instead of "##".

I pushed the following changeset to do this and to also use <https://octave.org/copyright/> instead of COPYRIGHT.html:


Help with the following would be appreciated:

What are the correct accents/characters to use for the following names?

  Ram'on Garc'ia Fern'andez
  Nicolo' Giorgetti
  Nguy?n Gia Phong

Are the following names intentional, or should we be using full names? Do we have a record of contributors who wish to remain semi-anonymous by listing only single names or aliases of some kind? I'll try to track down the change that lists "Daniel" and see whether that one corresponds to another Daniel already list.


If there are any additional errors or omissions, please let me know and I'll try to fix.



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