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Re: "pkg unload" opinions please?

From: PhilipNienhuis
Subject: Re: "pkg unload" opinions please?
Date: Mon, 6 Jan 2020 03:40:15 -0600 (CST)

PhilipNienhuis wrote
> <snip>
> Now the question is: What do we want "pkg unload" to do in the second
> scenario, where we want to unload just package "A" but some other loaded
> package "B" depends on "A", whether we know that or not.
> Mike came up with a few options, repeated below.
> <snip>
> (A0. Document the '-nodeps' option for "pkg load")
> A1. Emit an error and do not unload "A" and "B"
> A2. Only unload package "A" if "pkg unload" was called with a "-nodeps"
> flag; document and implement it.
> Other options:
> B. silently unload both A and B
> C. unload both A and B, warning message about B
> D. unload A, keep B loaded (current behavior)
> E. unload A, keep B loaded, warning message that B may not fully work now
> F. unload A, interactive prompt the user what to do with B
> G. interactive prompt the user what to do with both A and B
> <snip>
> Opinions?

Thanks for your opinions.
Yesterday I've entered a cset in the bug report (bug #57522) along the lines
of option "A" which -based on the limited nr. of responses- seemed the most
popular one.

Based on the experience with fixing this I can say that IMO it isn't too
hard to implement any of the other options, maybe with new option flags.
Although automatically unloading depender packages plus packages depending
on those dependers, etc., may yield some surprises for unwary users.


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