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Re: Octave should create a forum

From: edmund ronald
Subject: Re: Octave should create a forum
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2020 06:27:53 +0100

I think providing a link off the wikipedia page to one site woukd be a good idea.
this could be a google group
the idea is that people go there, see the current trends, activity, issues at one glance

On Thu, Jan 2, 2020 at 12:38 PM Juan Pablo Carbajal <address@hidden> wrote:
I liked forums, I think they are useful and can also act better as
archives than nabble. However, with time it got hard to visit all the
forums I was involved in. So the approach doesn't seem to scale up (I
tried, e.g. using feed readers to syndicate all my forums). Mailing
lists suffer the same scalability issues, and forum can easily behave
as mailing list, just requiring once the user to subscribe to a given
room or thread, but it can be wild.

As an alternative, why not help with the Q&A sites that are already
out there, with good visibility, and overflowing with questions about
octave? If the aim here is to promote communication, should we be
restrictive as to "where" this communication should happen, as long as
the platform does not hinder anonymity and freedom? Would we be
promoting the use of non-libre software by opening a channel on those
platforms about libre software?

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