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GSOC 2019 - Improve logm, sqrtm, funm

From: fady faragallah
Subject: GSOC 2019 - Improve logm, sqrtm, funm
Date: Sun, 3 Mar 2019 14:31:36 +0200

my name is fady faragallah. I'm a student in ain shams university faculty of Engineering . Currently I'm in 4th year and I would like to work in Improve logm, sqrtm and funm project. I've experience coding in c/c++ also in other languages (java, _javascript_ and python) and have done a lot of projects using them.
My Github Link: https://github.com/fadyFaragallah

my interest in this project is because I have been working for a project called asu_math_lab for implementing matrices operations and getting an input from user like octave , the link to the project in this link : https://github.com/fadyFaragallah/asu_math_lab/tree/master/Phase2_final_files
I would like to know the required steps to join the project and if there's a competency test 

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