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[Octave-bug-tracker] [bug #55796] SVG Images support for imread

From: Markus Mützel
Subject: [Octave-bug-tracker] [bug #55796] SVG Images support for imread
Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2019 03:56:05 -0500 (EST)
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Update of bug #55796 (project octave):

                 Summary:      SVG Images support => SVG Images support for


Follow-up Comment #3:

FWIW, imread and related functions in Matlab seem to only support raster
graphics. Vector graphics don't seem to be supported at least for R2016a on

>> imformats
EXT       ISA     INFO        READ      WRITE     ALPHA  DESCRIPTION          
bmp       isbmp   imbmpinfo   readbmp   writebmp  0      Windows Bitmap
cur       iscur   imcurinfo   readcur             1      Windows Cursor
fts fits  isfits  imfitsinfo  readfits            0      Flexible Image
Transport System
gif       isgif   imgifinfo   readgif   writegif  0      Graphics Interchange
hdf       ishdf   imhdfinfo   readhdf   writehdf  0      Hierarchical Data
ico       isico   imicoinfo   readico             1      Windows Icon
j2c j2k   isjp2   imjp2info   readjp2   writej2c  0      JPEG 2000 (raw
jp2       isjp2   imjp2info   readjp2   writejp2  0      JPEG 2000 (Part 1)
jpf jpx   isjp2   imjp2info   readjp2             0      JPEG 2000 (Part 2)
jpg jpeg  isjpg   imjpginfo   readjpg   writejpg  0      Joint Photographic
Experts Group
pbm       ispbm   impnminfo   readpnm   writepnm  0      Portable Bitmap
pcx       ispcx   impcxinfo   readpcx   writepcx  0      Windows Paintbrush
pgm       ispgm   impnminfo   readpnm   writepnm  0      Portable Graymap
png       ispng   impnginfo   readpng   writepng  1      Portable Network
pnm       ispnm   impnminfo   readpnm   writepnm  0      Portable Any Map
ppm       isppm   impnminfo   readpnm   writepnm  0      Portable Pixmap
ras       isras   imrasinfo   readras   writeras  1      Sun Raster
tif tiff  istif   imtifinfo   readtif   writetif  0      Tagged Image File
xwd       isxwd   imxwdinfo   readxwd   writexwd  0      X Window Dump

Anyway if someone wants to implement imread for vector graphics (incl. svg), I
won't oppose.


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