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Re: oathtool make target without for API manuals?

From: Paul W. Rankin
Subject: Re: oathtool make target without for API manuals?
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2021 14:33:49 +1000

> On 14 Apr 2021, at 11:34 pm, Simon Josefsson <simon@josefsson.org> wrote:
>> cd
>> /Users/pwr/Developer/pkgsrc/security/oath-toolkit/work/oath-toolkit-2.4.1
>> && autoreconf -fi
> Why invoke autoreconf?  Read INSTALL for installation instructions.
> Normally you unpack the tarball, invoke ./configure and then make.
> Anything else is not a normal installation, and to run autoreconf you
> need the developer tools (see HACKING).

Thanks! Yes the issue was wholly with some odd choices Pkgsrc have made. I had 
stupidly tried first building from git master (i.e. no prebuilt configure file) 
but building from the tarball source works first try.

I've submitted a patch to Pkgsrc to hopefully clean up their Makefile.

Thanks for all your help.

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