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[OATH-Toolkit-help] Git repository moving from savannah to gitlab

From: Simon Josefsson
Subject: [OATH-Toolkit-help] Git repository moving from savannah to gitlab
Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2016 13:13:05 +0200
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Hello World!

I hope to spend some more cycles on OATH Toolkit now.  A first step is
to move the git repository from Savannah to GitLab.  Savannah will still
be used for the web site hosting (nongnu.org), mailing list, download
area, and bug tracker.

Some reasons for moving are:
  1) have git downloads through https,
  2) handle merge requests from people,
  3) use a hosting platform that is being updated,
  4) easier continous integration, and
  5) gitlab looks much nicer than savannah.

One underlying reason is that I want to practice the work-flow of using
gitlab on a real project, since I know the savannah work-flow too well.

One major site these days is GitHub, but I do not like it because of the
reasons given in Mako Hill's article "Free Software Needs Free Tools"
[1].  I chose GitLab over GitHub because GitLab offers some server-side
free software.  I am aware of the downsides of GitLab, in that they
offer non-free "enterprise" software, and that the hosting platform does
not run strictly free software.  There doesn't appear to exist any
strictly free software Git repository hosts that fulfil's my criteria
above, so I'm settling for something that allows me to move the project

The GitLab project page is: https://gitlab.com/oath-toolkit/oath-toolkit

I hope to make a new release today that just fixes links and minor
aspects that are needed to change hosting platform.  After that is done,
it should be smooth to start to make changes and apply fixes.

The issue tracker on savannah will continue to exist, I didn't want to
close it before the existing issues are dealt with.  Over time we may
move over to GitLab issues.  We may use both forever, I don't know.


[1] https://mako.cc/copyrighteous/free-software-needs-free-tools

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