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[OATH-Toolkit-help] Underlinking issue with PAM module etc.

From: Mitya
Subject: [OATH-Toolkit-help] Underlinking issue with PAM module etc.
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2011 23:46:23 +0400


I am now working on Mandriva/Mageia packages for OATH Toolkit, and I've
faced some minor, but nevertheless important, issues.

First, the pam_oath.so module suffers from the so-called
"underlinking" [1] issue, as soon as it is not explicitly linked with
libpam.so. While this is generally allowed for modules (libpam.so will
be implicitly provided by every application that uses PAM), the
"bon-ton" for PAM modules is to be linked to libpam. Please consider
checking for libpam with AC_CHECK_LIB(pam, main) in
pam_oath/configure.ac, or adding pam_oath_so_LIBADD="-lpam" to

Second, it is generally not recommended to override libdir variable in
Makefile.am, but instead introduce your own class like that:

pammoddir = $(PAMDIR)
pammod_LTLIBRARIES = pam_oath.la

Next, PAM does not use libltdl to load its modules, so pam_oath.la is
completely useless. I do remove it in the RPM spec file after build, but
this can also be done with makefile.

Finally, autoreconf does not work on release tarball contents, since
build-aux/git-version-gen is absent. In some cases distro maintainers
have to autoreconf packages, since some important changes are being
applied to autoconf/automake files. And most important, it breaks build
after libtoolize (which is forced by many modern distros), since forced
libtoolize triggers aclocal.

And, thanks a lot for your efforts! OATH Toolkit seems to be a good
alternative to Tri-D otpd with its complexity unclear status. I wish the
project and the author good luck.

[1] http://wiki.mandriva.com/en/Underlinking

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