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[OATH-Toolkit-help] Patch to include totp validation to the pam module

From: Rien Broekstra
Subject: [OATH-Toolkit-help] Patch to include totp validation to the pam module
Date: Tue, 05 Apr 2011 16:31:36 +0200
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Hi everyone,

I just bought a number of feitian C200 OTP tokens, found this project, and saw that totp support was present but not yet in the pam module. Therefore I took the liberty of making a patch which enables PAM authentication with totp tokens. It should apply cleanly to oath-toolkit-1.6.2.

Users who wish to authenticate via totp should use 'TOTP' as the first column in the usersfile. The field which normally contains the moving factor for hotp contains the time step size for totp. The window size is hardcoded to 0. I.e:

TOTP    name    -       <seed>    60      207470  2011-04-05T16:04:02L

Rien Broekstra

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