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Re: [OATH-toolkit-help] HOTP in HTTP Digest

From: Simon Josefsson
Subject: Re: [OATH-toolkit-help] HOTP in HTTP Digest
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2011 09:19:29 +0100
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Daniel Pocock <address@hidden> writes:

>> What do you think if there were a hotp_validate_otp_callback() interface
>> that took a callback function to implement the 'strcmp' operation?  Then
>> you could call hotp_validate_otp_callback and provide a function pointer
>> to your function that generates a HTTP Digest response and comparing it
>> with what was received by the web server?
> I actually had the same idea, although it made me start thinking about
> an object-oriented rewrite.  However, a function pointer is probably
> all that is needed.

Please test just released v1.4.0, I'm curious whether it solves your

> I agree that HTTP Digest is not the most beautiful technology -
> phpMyID actually creates a session cookie and then stops looking at
> the digest headers.  In a real HTTP digest scenario, the user would be
> prompted for their token code on every GET request (for every image on
> the page, for example), so I'm in no hurry to make this into a full
> Apache module.

TOTP may be slightly better here, as at least the same TOTP will be
valid for (typically) 30 seconds.  OTOH, you probably don't want to
enter a new TOTP every 30 seconds anyway...

However, an apache module should probably have a grace period where it
accepts an older OTP anyway, and the same could be implemented for HOTP


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