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RE: [Nss-mysql-users] MD5 passwords

From: Gary W. Smith
Subject: RE: [Nss-mysql-users] MD5 passwords
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2006 22:15:07 -0700


You can correct me if I'm wrong but from the standpoint of NSS it
doesn't care.  If the passwords match the request and the encryption of
the request then that is all that really matters.

When we were playing around with it we left the passwords in plain text
in our testing/play environment.  NSS didn't care.  

pam-mysql cares on the other hand.  It will encrypt the password in the
method specified and try to match it to what's in the DB.  If it doesn't
match then you have a problem.  So that means if you use MD5 in the DB
then pam-mysql needs to use MD5 as well.  

If you were really talented then you could roll your own password method
on both ends.  

Gary Wayne Smith

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> Subject: [Nss-mysql-users] MD5 passwords
> Hi,
> It looks like this question has been asked once or twice before, but
> I'm not 100% clear on the answer.
> Is it possible to store passwords in the user table as MD5 hashes
> instead of using MySQL's PASSWORD() function?
> Thank you!
> -Clay
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