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Re: [Nss-mysql-users] Login problems

From: Jan Bruvoll
Subject: Re: [Nss-mysql-users] Login problems
Date: 22 Jan 2003 10:55:58 +0000

On Wed, 2003-01-22 at 09:22, Martin Klebermass wrote:
> The error seems to be some pam problem. Simple id lookups, or giving
> the user some files works as u say ( eg chowning some files to the
> user). Have you changed something in your /etc/pam.d/system-auth file?
> by the way, have you configured your nss-mysql-root.conf correctly, as
> this is the file for the passwordchecking.

Hi Martin,

everything seems to be fine right until the pam account check - if I
change the password, I will get a "Failed password for testuser" in
syslog, quite rightly. With regards to system-auth, I double-checked
that it is identical to the same file on a different, untouched box.

I'm still stuck - any other clues?


Jan Bruvoll <address@hidden>

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