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[Nss-mysql-users] nss-users on different host and local mysqld

From: Heiko Stübner
Subject: [Nss-mysql-users] nss-users on different host and local mysqld
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2002 17:53:14 +0200

Hi there,

I've got a problem with the libnss-mysql module.
We have one server that holds the user accounts in a mysql database.
Other servers access this mysql database through the network to get the account 
informations. (I know it's not secure and all, but our local network should be 
secure and it's a simple way to maintain a central list of user accounts for a 
The other servers get the accounts without problems.

But now the problem is, the server where our development files are placed needs 
an own mysql server. But mysqld refueses to start, crashs and prints an screen 
full of some of it's debug informations. It mentions something about a 
backtrace it will do and so on.

If I change the nsswitch.conf to access only the local passwd, group,shadow 
files all runs fine. But with the mysql options the error occurs again.

The system is an Debian-Woody (only original debian packages) and the packages 
are up to date.
I've also tried to install newer versions of mysql(3.23.51) and 
libnss-mysql(0.40) from unstable but the error stays.

Do you have any suggestions?

Greetings from Germany

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