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[Noalyss-commit] [noalyss] branch entreprise deleted (was 0030779)

From: Dany De Bontridder
Subject: [Noalyss-commit] [noalyss] branch entreprise deleted (was 0030779)
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2019 15:59:25 -0400 (EDT)

sparkyx pushed a change to branch entreprise
in repository noalyss.

       was  0030779   Merge branch 'dev7109' into entreprise

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  0030779   Merge branch 'dev7109' into entreprise
  discards  1c6b973   Mantis #0001442: CA - facilité de manipulation - 
effacement Button for cleaning detail analytique in operation
  discards  54a5e6f   Version set to 7.1
  discards  189bcd9   Improve Doxygen
  discards  c2cd16c   Bug : for customer without vat, there is not variable 
  discards  a49370c   Code cleaning : remove dead code
  discards  3ba8984   Periode : when searching for a ledger , you can set a 
  discards  60902a7   Periode : order by date asc
  discards  28c1262   Data_SQL database connexion private
  discards  e53ff67   PDFLand has now his own file
  discards  26ceb85   #0001736: PHP7 comptability
  discards  87dc3c4   #0001736: PHP7 comptability
  discards  19e5d9f   Cosmetic
  discards  31e346b   Merge branch 'dev7109' into entreprise
  discards  28b7a6e   Cosmetic
  discards  41ae4b8   Merge branch 'dev7109' into entreprise
  discards  6872a81   Merge branch 'dev7109' into entreprise
  discards  f33ff14   Merge branch 'dev7109' into entreprise
  discards  f275796   Merge branch 'master' into entreprise
  discards  6d51017   Merge with dev7109
  discards  1370259   Merge branch 'entreprise' of into entreprise
  discards  b1b3639   translation
  discards  d7f9c67   Mantis #1693: CA - problème avec la balance croisée double
  discards  c5a25dd   mantis #1690: Bug : impossible d'utiliser < dans 
Inplace_Edit Replace strip_tags , add a space before the "<"
  discards  1a806c9   TEST : fix some little bugs
  discards  f2be4c3   Php7.2 incompatibility
  discards  d3f5e8b   Mantis #0001618: Journaux - choix du type en premier
  discards  1d4d31d   Cosmetic adapt color
  discards  35a94a4   translate
  discards  445dbdf   Fiche.clasS.php fix broken merge
  discards  cc1a984   Fix broken merge
  discards  ab79b9f   Wrong merge broke fiche.class.php
  discards  474b542   Fix Inappropriate merge
  discards  14f4fd8   Merge issue : inappropriate rollback
  discards  65cc218   CSS : cosmetic
  discards  dc150ce   Fix bug from merge
  discards  3d0aba8   Bug : CARD misplace of "Search Card"
  discards  634e89a   Mantis #1611: Problème Plan comptable - mise en évidence 
poste utilisés
  discards  f5f47a6   Mantis #0001614: Problème bilans , changement pour bilan 
  discards  abf4b17   Mantis #1596: Dans le plan comptable, fiches non 
cliquables Les fiches sont cliquable dans Plan Comptable , PCMNCFG et dans la 
liste des postes, en plus on peut obtenir toutes les fiches d'un poste
  discards  312d930   Mantis #1665: Pouvoir modifier l'ordre dans les listing 
de compta analytique
  discards  b3db0f6   Mantis #1643: Déplacement du "bouton" «retour 
  discards  d541d5e   Mantis #1626: AFFICHAGE BALANCE FICHE - soldes nuls au 
  discards  bf6d515   mantis #1690: Bug : impossible d'utiliser < dans 
Inplace_Edit Use base64_decode to protect the string in serialize
  discards  3f56012   Merge branch 'r700-currency' of into r700-currency
  discards  3d96930   Mantis #0001682: CA - ajouter possibilité d'exporter le 
plan analytique, missing file
  discards  d78acab   Mantis #0001682: CA - ajouter possibilité d'exporter le 
plan analytique, add action CSV:Analytic_Axis
  discards  18cb87d   Mantis #0001666: Export CSV depuis histo ne filtre pas 
par journal
  discards  6c90a40   Merge branch 'r700-currency' of into r700-currency
  discards  5f55c27   Mantis #0001688: Affichage centime dans l'écran de 
  discards  5d939a9   translation
  discards  fb7505f   Currency : set default accounting for change difference 
when using currency
  discards  994bbd7   Typo
  discards  12aeed8   Database upgrade
  discards  51550b4   Currency Show currency info for MISC
  discards  d6b736a   PHP 7.2 mistyped command
  discards  588442f   Currency - fix view
  discards  46b4cdf   PHP 7.2 incomptability : sizeof of not array
  discards  57bb44c   Protect parameters
  discards  6a6322b   Currency : because of Misc Operation, the tiers must also 
be saved into operation_currency. Fix also PRINTJRN for currency
  discards  e2a707e   Merge branch 'master' of into r700-currency
  discards  8826bae   Merge branch 'r700-currency' of into r700-currency
  discards  67f1a54   Merge branch 'r700-currency' of into r700-currency
  discards  d951014   Task #0001309: Association d'une opération avec elle-même.
  discards  bc57b09   by default jrn is an empty array
  discards  910c31a   Fix problem with total in balance export
  discards  7b488df   New function findSide return D if number is  <0
  discards  3a9d1e4   Task #1660 : place the button for the inventory on the top
  discards  0395ed1   Currency : detail operation Sale , the amount in currency 
were wrong  in the summary
  discards  2601b09   Currency : purchase, save all detail also in currency, 
fix problem with the advance payment
  discards  cf6a135   remove commented code
  discards  4e1d598   Currency : detail operation Purchase , the amount in 
currency were wrong in the summary
  discards  d4d7214   Currency : history for accounting , correct amount in 
  discards  c953d43   Currency : the meaning is : 1 euro is worth xxx Currency 
, so we divide the amount with the currency rate to compute the EUR value
  discards  3d45f18   Currency : meaning 1 EUR is worth x currency  for Sales
  discards  5c40f5f   Currency : precision 6,  display default currency ,  
protect used currency against delete
  discards  cc5c5ab   Currency : Precision 6
  discards  656b1cf   Currency : for misc. operation
  discards  99e4b16   Misc. Operation : input : Missing tag TR
  discards  602f65f   Translation
  discards  431f41b   Translation
  discards  2873d62   Translation
  discards  45a7280   Translation
  discards  b3ada41   Translation
  discards  1974dfc   use of httpInput
  discards  a21adbc   Translation
  discards  1c0d74b   Translation
  discards  8555b69   Translation + use of httpInput
  discards  781efef   typo doc
  discards  521135c   Esthetic with button "Add accounting"
  discards  abefd83   Missing bracket
  discards  b82aae9   Merge commit '3f53de417dd89e9a90a386404f93f8648155e046' 
into r700-currency
  discards  f0499ac   Merge branch 'master' into r700-currency
  discards  3aec0e2   Merge branch 'master' into r700-currency
  discards  2134aef   Currency : when we pay at the same time as we record the 
sale / purchase , either the bank is in euro (default currency) or the 
sale/purchase has the same currency than the financial ledger
  discards  65393e3   Currency = payment automatic for Sales and Purchases
  discards  1138118   Currency : display correctly the saldo at the end / 
beginning operation
  discards  62bce27   Currency : error when displaying, add 4 due to a mistype 
  discards  f16bc6f   Currency : send the saldo for financial ledger
  discards  076eade   currency : adapt middle of payment
  discards  b2ab12f   Currency : export CSV history for card and accounting, 
fix bug with unneeded oc_vat_amount + add the currency rate
  discards  7280cfd   Currency : cosmetic display history :  show only the 
value of the card/accounting
  discards  47af824   Database upgrade 131
  discards  3c93e74   Currency : ledger printing for FIN + detail operation
  discards  855a853   Currency : purchase oneline + extended html and csv
  discards  010a025   change background
  discards  318365e   currency : sale extended html , csv
  discards  4deb34a   Currency : sales in listing mode
  discards  5dda688   Currency : All ledger's listing mode , html , csv and pdf
  discards  fadfc93   Indentation
  discards  0a2484f   acc_ledger_fin . translation
  discards  18bb3ec   Currency : export PDF and CSV with currency for printing 
financial ledger listing(oneline)
  discards  dd8bc67   Currency : adapt for bank saldo
  discards  f07de41   Background color
  discards  b07f744   Reverse for Currency
  discards  36823c1   reverse for quant_fin
  discards  869022f   Version DB 131
  discards  5d16283   Currency : SQL quant_fin is adapted
  discards  23b60f9   Currency : financial use the rate depending of the 
operation date
  discards  c155f87   Modify quant_fin , we add a column j_id to have a fk to 
jrnx and operation_currency
  discards  ffa1b5a   Fin currency : detail operation show currency , rate and 
  discards  7b8daeb   Fin : currency , add missing info into Operation_Currency
  discards  6928b0c   Merge branch 'master' into r700-currency
  discards  fc4b24f   currency : adapt for FIN
  discards  9748320   acc_ledger_fin : cosmetic : input
  discards  17ffe67   translate
  discards  958b30a   Merge branch 'master' into r700-currency
  discards  059c41c   PHP 7.2 : fix incomptability
  discards  b71c39b   Code cleaning : remove SQL with hardcoded value
  discards  0e1c146   adapt to 7.2  ,array
  discards  36a4c49   FIN : cosmetic : bug due the currency feature in the 
input there are 2 supplementary rows for total in EUR and CURRENCY. Those rows 
don't exist for FIN
  discards  c7a4b57   translate
  discards  2b04571   Currency : show the currency of the ledger when entering 
  discards  7eb4644   Currency : financial ledger can be set to a specific 
  discards  765a62b   Style.css Ajout  de nowrap
  discards  64e1894   adapt to 7.2  ,init
  discards  76b69d4   adapt to 7.2  ,error with count
  discards  7c74247   adapt to 7.2  ,error with sizeof
  discards  9b1a950   Improve debug info
  discards  5b558f0   Bug : in Purchase and Sale , the last rows disappear when 
we change the ledger
  discards  a0bdfd3   Bug : ajax fails if wait_box does not exist
  discards  d7ff4ae   Manage_Table : issue with the type select
  discards  8803de1   Bug : cannot set group
  discards  a4027a7   Improve waiting box
  discards  0fb8ece   Merge branch 'r700-currency' of into r700-currency
  discards  b129fc7   Merge branch 'r700-currency' of into r700-currency
  discards  2e2ab4c   Merge branch 'master' into r700-currency
  discards  e93017c   Check for date and number : isdate and isnumeric
  discards  2f1d694   Merge tag 'rel7008' into r700-currency
  discards  9b6bf6c   Create lib for Tabs
  discards  964b444   Documentation
  discards  d9a0932   Documentation
  discards  5b8c5ac   Remove the default "<div class=content>" which lead to 
cosmetic bug in the plugins
  discards  457290f   Merge branch 'master' into r700-currency
  discards  4ca14cb   Merge master
  discards  9ba82e7   CFGLED : security fix : remove $_REQUEST
  discards  20c369b   translation
  discards  a9d3b1c   Task #1619 : CFGLED change label  for "Donner ici la 
fiche du compte en banque"
  discards  169fb9c   Security fix : f_id is a number
  discards  6482988   Security fix : f_id is a number
  discards  a93a557   Fix : security fixes see rapport exakat (Damien Seguy)
  discards  fd68868   Security : direct injection
  discards  f96180c   Fix todo_list : if list empty , gets an error in php 7.2
  discards  93d39e3   integrate fix for bug in insert_quant_purchase which 
cannot save private fee Conflicts:   include/sql/patch/upgrade128.sql
  discards  f5f5e55   Bug 1600 : alphanumeric accounting must be case 
  discards  75d0eee   Missing class : missing class for acc_ledger
  discards  d4579ac   Create invoice : New version of libreoffice use the 
numeric in another way
  discards  e12848f   New version of libreoffice use the numeric in another way
  discards  2051243   Protect function nb , return the string if the parameter 
is not a float
  discards  024c124   Update documentation
  discards  c2c39f8   Task #448 : add currency to card -> history + export CSV
  discards  1e36bda   typo
  discards  48a4700   Merge branch 'r700-currency' of 
ssh://ns3git/srv/git/noalyss into r700-currency
  discards  531df93   Fix todo_list : if list empty , gets an error in php 7.2
  discards  f8db1e5   Task #448 : add info about currency into History of cards 
and accounting
  discards  d8432fe   Missing ob_start
  discards  8fe6ae9   remove debug
  discards  6e8d352   Fix bug quant_purchase , private fee not saved
  discards  512c548   Fix bug quant_purchase , private fee not saved
  discards  fe27cad   integrate fix for bug in insert_quant_purchase which 
cannot save private fee
  discards  e2b25ac   Task #448 : currency improve detail of operation
  discards  de5db19   comment
  discards  794b213   Bug in QUANT_PURCHASE , dp_dep_priv is not saved
  discards  6029d91   Task #448 : correct bug when saving into quant_purchase
  discards  82a1436   Task #448 : Currency : purchase, fix bug for autoreverse 
  discards  9be3de1   Task #448 : correct bug if VAT Rate  = 0 , amount was 
  discards  a9c547c   Task #448 : SQL integrated into upgrade128
  discards  e1076de   task #448 : currency always used and remove parameter 
'use_currency' from parameters, add SQL script
  discards  1c47aa9   remove debug info
  discards  05305df   Task #448 : currency_id = 0 for the default currency + 
display currency rate in confirm operation
  discards  ca620cb   Task #448 : currency , EUR cannot be changed and not 
  discards  694c976   Task #448 : delete unused currency
  discards  1096958   Task #448 : rounded problem add debug info
  discards  dbde8e2   Task #448 : payment method VEN
  discards  e7228b0   Task #448 : rounded value for VEN
  discards  f084692   Display the balance difference
  discards  3ab5f05   Task #448 : identical operation with currency
  discards  57ab271   Task #448 : issue with reconciliation amount
  discards  35e989a   Task #448 : check currency rate > 0 and payment in eur
  discards  73b93b6   Task #448 : currency : cosmetic operation detail
  discards  8909b0c   task #448 : Currency : display currency info into 
operation detail
  discards  bec1996   Currency : fix rounded bugs in detail operation
  discards  d6d0b3f   Currency : insert operation with currency in VEN and ACH
  discards  1683eff   insert_jrnx : add debug
  discards  8d8f521   INum : add function onchange with inplace edit
  discards  776873e   indent
  discards  d3e649d   Action_Code : add validate, cancel and modify icon
  discards  5e88b71   Currency : SQL menu change
  discards  cff9e49   Currency : add SQL constraint + doc
  discards  392b75d   Currency : add security for setting
  discards  1a09c71   Currency = add a mode currency, possible to work without
  discards  27fa5a9   Currency : add menu for currency
  discards  be37f9b   Currency : add ajax call to delete one rate , add 
documentation , remove debug info
  discards  280fe56   html_page_start : protect query, improve code
  discards  943a4a9   Currency : add test file + database file + mtable
  discards  9733fad   Currency : create view + add currency name to table 
  discards  ab2b8ac   Currency : add PHP Class for SQL table
  discards  71962e7   create currency SQL tables

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