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[Noalyss-commit] [noalyss] 145/323: merge rel6919.9

From: Dany De Bontridder
Subject: [Noalyss-commit] [noalyss] 145/323: merge rel6919.9
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2018 17:38:40 -0400 (EDT)

sparkyx pushed a commit to branch master
in repository noalyss.

commit 23f0778bd9b3134fb45c587656bb0118dd3c80fa
Author: Dany De Bontridder <address@hidden>
Date:   Wed Feb 7 16:01:41 2018 +0100

    merge rel6919.9
 include/constant.php                               |   2 +-
 include/sql/patch/upgrade125.sql                   | 153 +++++----------------
 .../sql/patch/{upgrade125.sql => upgrade126.sql}   |   2 +-
 3 files changed, 37 insertions(+), 120 deletions(-)

diff --git a/include/constant.php b/include/constant.php
index 5d1c9ac..871816b 100644
--- a/include/constant.php
+++ b/include/constant.php
@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ if ( !defined("SITE_UPDATE_PLUGIN"))
 if ( ! defined ("SYSINFO_DISPLAY")) {
     define ("SYSINFO_DISPLAY",TRUE);
-define ("DBVERSION",126);
+define ("DBVERSION",127);
 define ("MONO_DATABASE",25);
 define ("DBVERSIONREPO",18);
 define ('NOTFOUND','--not found--');
diff --git a/include/sql/patch/upgrade125.sql b/include/sql/patch/upgrade125.sql
index fe2daf7..b5539c8 100644
--- a/include/sql/patch/upgrade125.sql
+++ b/include/sql/patch/upgrade125.sql
@@ -1,119 +1,36 @@
-set search_path to public,comptaproc;
-alter table action_gestion drop ag_ref_ag_id;
-drop trigger t_tmp_pcm_alphanum_ins_upd on tmp_pcmn ;
-drop     trigger t_tmp_pcmn_ins on tmp_pcmn ;
-create sequence tmp_pcmn_id_seq;
-ALTER TABLE tmp_pcmn ADD COLUMN id bigint;
-update tmp_pcmn set id=nextval('tmp_pcmn_id_seq');
-COMMENT ON COLUMN IS 'allow to identify the row, it is unique and 
not null (pseudo pk)';
-update tmp_pcmn set id=nextval('tmp_pcmn_id_seq');
-alter table tmp_pcmn add column pcm_direct_use varchar(1);
-COMMENT ON COLUMN tmp_pcmn.pcm_direct_use IS 'Value are N or Y , N cannot be 
used directly , not even through a card';
-ALTER TABLE tmp_pcmn ALTER COLUMN pcm_direct_use  SET DEFAULT 'Y';
-update tmp_pcmn set pcm_direct_use='Y';
-update tmp_pcmn set pcm_direct_use='N' where length(pcm_val) < 3 and not 
exists (select j_poste from jrnx where j_poste=pcm_val);
-ALTER TABLE tmp_pcmn ALTER COLUMN pcm_direct_use SET NOT NULL;
-alter table tmp_pcmn add constraint pcm_direct_use_ck check (pcm_direct_use in 
-create     trigger t_tmp_pcm_alphanum_ins_upd before insert or update on 
tmp_pcmn for each row execute procedure comptaproc.tmp_pcmn_alphanum_ins_upd();
-create     trigger t_tmp_pcmn_ins before insert on tmp_pcmn for each row 
execute procedure comptaproc.tmp_pcmn_ins();
-select nextval('bilan_b_id_seq');
-select nextval('bilan_b_id_seq');
-select nextval('bilan_b_id_seq');
-select nextval('bilan_b_id_seq');
-insert into bilan (b_name,b_file_template,b_file_form,b_type) values 
-alter table jnt_letter drop jl_amount_deb;
-ALTER TABLE operation_analytique ADD COLUMN f_id bigint;
-ALTER TABLE operation_analytique  ADD CONSTRAINT 
operation_analytique_fiche_id_fk FOREIGN KEY (f_id)       REFERENCES fiche 
(f_id) MATCH SIMPLE       ON UPDATE cascade ON delete cascade;
-COMMENT ON COLUMN operation_analytique.f_id IS 'FK to fiche.f_id , used only 
with ODS';
-drop FUNCTION comptaproc.table_analytic_account(text,text);
-drop FUNCTION comptaproc.table_analytic_card(text,text);
-CREATE TABLE public.user_filter (
-       id bigserial,
-       login text NULL,
-       nb_jrn int4 NULL,
-       date_start varchar(10) NULL,
-       date_end varchar(10) NULL,
-       description text NULL,
-       amount_min numeric(20,4) NULL,
-       amount_max numeric(20,4) NULL,
-       qcode text NULL,
-       accounting text NULL,
-       r_jrn text NULL,
-       date_paid_start varchar(10) NULL,
-       date_paid_end varchar(10) NULL,
-       ledger_type varchar(5) NULL,
-       all_ledger int4 NULL,
-       filter_name text NOT NULL,
-       unpaid varchar NULL,
-       PRIMARY KEY (id)
-alter table jrn_periode drop constraint jrn_periode_pk;
-create sequence jrn_periode_id_seq;
-alter table jrn_periode add id bigint;
-alter table jrn_periode alter column   id set default  
-update jrn_periode set id=nextval('jrn_periode_id_seq');
-alter table jrn_periode add  constraint jrn_periode_pk  primary key (id);
-alter table jrn_periode add constraint  jrn_periode_periode_ledger unique 
-CREATE TABLE public.user_active_security (
-       id serial not NULL,
-       us_login text NOT NULL,
-       us_ledger varchar(1) not NULL,
-       us_action varchar(1) not NULL
-COMMENT ON COLUMN public.user_active_security.us_login IS 'user''s login' ;
-COMMENT ON COLUMN public.user_active_security.us_ledger IS 'Flag Security for 
ledger' ;
-COMMENT ON COLUMN public.user_active_security.us_action IS 'Security for 
action' ;
-ALTER TABLE public.user_active_security ADD CONSTRAINT user_active_security_pk 
-ALTER TABLE public.user_active_security ADD CONSTRAINT 
user_active_security_ledger_check CHECK (us_ledger in ('Y','N')) ;
-ALTER TABLE public.user_active_security ADD CONSTRAINT 
user_active_security_action_check CHECK (us_action in ('Y','N')) ;
-insert into user_active_security (us_login,us_ledger,us_action)  select 
user_name,'Y','Y' from profile_user;
-alter table jrn_def add jrn_enable int;
-alter table jrn_def alter  jrn_enable set default 1;
-update jrn_def set jrn_enable=1;
-comment on column jrn_def.jrn_enable is 'Set to 1 if the ledger is enable ';
-alter table jrn add jr_optype varchar(3);
-alter table jrn alter jr_optype set default 'NOR';
-comment on column jrn.jr_optype is 'Type of operation , NOR = NORMAL , OPE 
opening , EXT extourne, CLO closing';
-update jrn set jr_optype='NOR';
--- update quant_sold set qs_vat_sided=round(qs_vat_sided,2);
--- update quant_purchase set qp_vat_sided=round(qp_vat_sided,2);
-alter table tags add column t_actif char(1);
-update tags set t_actif='Y';
-ALTER TABLE tags ADD CONSTRAINT tags_check CHECK (t_actif in ('N','Y')) ;
-alter table tags alter t_actif set default 'Y';
-COMMENT ON COLUMN tags.t_actif is 'Y if the tag is activate and can be used ';
-alter table version add v_description text;
-alter table version add v_date timestamp;
-alter table version alter v_date set default now();
- alter table version add primary key (val);
-insert into version (val,v_description) values (126,'Add filter for search, 
inactive tag or ledger, type of operation, security');
+CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION comptaproc.anc_correct_tvand()
+AS $function$ 
+        n_count numeric;
+        i record;
+        newrow_tva record;
+         for i in select * from operation_analytique where oa_jrnx_id_source 
is not null loop
+         -- Get all the anc accounting from the base operation and insert the 
missing record for VAT 
+                for newrow_tva in select *  from operation_analytique where 
j_id=i.oa_jrnx_id_source and po_id <> i.po_id loop
+                        -- check if the record is yet present
+                        select count(*) into n_count from operation_analytique 
where  po_id=newrow_tva.po_id and oa_jrnx_id_source=i.oa_jrnx_id_source;
+                        if n_count = 0 then
+                          raise info 'insert operation analytique po_id = % 
oa_group = % ',i.po_id, i.oa_group;
+                          insert into operation_analytique 
+                          values 
+                        end if;
+                end loop;
+         end loop;
+ $function$
+LANGUAGE plpgsql;
+select comptaproc.anc_correct_tvand();
+update version set val=126;
\ No newline at end of file
diff --git a/include/sql/patch/upgrade125.sql b/include/sql/patch/upgrade126.sql
similarity index 98%
copy from include/sql/patch/upgrade125.sql
copy to include/sql/patch/upgrade126.sql
index fe2daf7..6cb86ba 100644
--- a/include/sql/patch/upgrade125.sql
+++ b/include/sql/patch/upgrade126.sql
@@ -114,6 +114,6 @@ alter table version add v_description text;
 alter table version add v_date timestamp;
 alter table version alter v_date set default now();
  alter table version add primary key (val);
-insert into version (val,v_description) values (126,'Add filter for search, 
inactive tag or ledger, type of operation, security');
+insert into version (val,v_description) values (127,'Add filter for search, 
inactive tag or ledger, type of operation, security');

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