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Re: inc and non-compliant long lines redux

From: Andy Bradford
Subject: Re: inc and non-compliant long lines redux
Date: 22 Nov 2022 09:38:08 -0700

Thus said Ken Hornstein on Mon, 21 Nov 2022 21:41:34 -0500:

> netsec_read() is  supposed to  RETURN the number  of bytes  read, just
> like read() does (that's why it's return value is prototyped ssize_t).
> But it just returns OK on success.

Attached is the previous patch remade against master. It also includes a
bug fix  against the  previous that  I noticed  while testing;  a simple
off-by-one error  when checking  for \r at  the end of  a line.  I again
tested it with my  6 sample messages that gave angst  to inc earlier and
they work fine now (that's how I noticed the off-by-one error).

I'm running a similar patch on my nmh 1.7.1 installation and will report
any problems that I find in "production".



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