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Re: inc and non-compliant long lines redux

From: Andy Bradford
Subject: Re: inc and non-compliant long lines redux
Date: 16 Nov 2022 07:40:29 -0700

Thus said Ken Hornstein on Wed, 16 Nov 2022 09:19:11 -0500:

> The only complicated thing  I see is dealing with the  case where a CR
> is at  the end of one  buffer and the LF  is at the start  of the next
> buffer; I think that is straightforward.

Precisely. Though in  my current patch proposal, the  problem isn't with
CR/LF but  with the two  .. signal terminator  coming from POP.  The two
dots must be getting  split and the first dot is at the  end of a buffer
and the second is at the beginning of the next buffer.

> Unfortunately my life is still difficult right now, otherwise I'd work
> on fixing that.

I may  take a stab  at it if  I get some  time. I'll submit  patches and
solicit feedback if I make any more progress.

Thanks for looking.


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